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About Elite Pest Solutions, Inc.

Vanessa Giovanniello has been in the pest control industry for over 12 years. She began her career in this field by managing a Boston-based family owned business. After 13 successful years with that company, she decided to start her company, Elite Pest Solutions Inc. She knew that in order to focus on both customer service and employee satisfaction, she would have to make a drastic change and do things her own way.

"I want Elite Pest Solutions Inc. to be a place where everyone feels like family. I want to know my clients as well as my PMPs know them and I want my employees to feel at home here."  -V. Giovanniello

Business Goals

1) To provide all clients with exceptional pest control services by:

  1. Going the extra step, always
  2. Alleviating pest issues in an honest, timely, & cost-effective manner
  3. Having the pest management professionals (PMPs) customize each experience to fit your needs at the time of your service
  4. Ensuring that all PMPs are licensed in all pest control practices including Integrated Pest Management
  5. Following QualityPro guidelines during the hiring process to ensure that clients work with the most educated & professional PMPs in the industry
  6. Using the best quality & least toxic chemicals on the market to limit exposure to the environment, people and pets.
  7. Completing site reports and providing one-on-one counseling to determine the best way to prevent and/or solve future pest issues.
  8. Guaranteeing that Vanessa will work closely with all PMPs & clients to support the most effective & satisfactory pest control program possible

2) To ensure that all employees are satisfied & successful by:

  1. Remaining competitive with pay rates according to market trends
  2. Providing individual & family health benefits to promote unity
  3. Supporting a 401K program to ensure financial stability during retirement
  4. Encouraging continuous education so that each staff member is highly knowledgeable
  5. Promoting perform-based bonuses to reward employees for their dedication/hard work
  6. Praising an employee publicly when a customer contacts our office with compliments
  7. Raving fans are our favorite customers
  8. Respecting a healthy balance between work and personal life.
  9. Giving a valued individual a place to always call home.

      Elite Pest Solutions Values

      Customer Commitment


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